Freedom/Flag-Waving Rally!

March 26, 2022 - 10:00am to March 26, 2022 - 12:00pm
16th Street/Adams and I-196 interchange, Ottawa County  

A 'Freedom Rally' - much like those for the recent Truckers' Convoys - is planned for tomorrow, Saturday, March 26th on the Pedestrian Bridge near the 16th Street/Adams interchange at I-196.  There is ample parking on the north side of the road across from the Love's Travel Stop, and it's an easy and safe walk to the Pedestrian Bridge.
 If you're interested, stop by and bring your American flags, banners and signs to show your spirit in our fight to retain our God-Given and Constitutionally-guaranteed FREEDOMS which are being eroded at an alarming rate!  Bring your kids as well - the bridge is safe and there would be no danger to them. Our children and grandchildren are never too young to learn about the freedoms and rights we've always enjoyed.
 There is also a chance candidate for Governor Garrett Soldano (who will be in Hudsonville) may drop in as well as he'll be traveling through there.
 Sorry about the short notice, but if you can join us, please do so!  Spread the word - anyone from any nearby counties are (of course) also welcome!
 Click HERE for a Maps overview.