Important Primary election information

Good afternoon Genesee County!!!
We are just 2 weeks away from the Michigan Primary.  With that in mind, there are a few very important things I wanted to put out there to everyone.

*Election Inspectors & Poll Workers
The Flint clerk's office is dragging their feet in notifying people if they have or have not been chosen to be an election inspector. Many of you likely had your applications submitted to Flint. Check your mail & email address that you put on your application daily. If you have not yet heard back, call the Clerk’s office that your application was submitted and inquire about the status of your application. The Flint clerk’s office number is (810) 766-7413. We were told that the Flint required training will take place July 30. Keep this date available in case you are still chosen for this position.
There seems to be very shady practices happening. Keep record of any attempts to contact the clerk's office (date & time, who you spoke to, and what was said).
If you submitted an application to be an election inspector, please fill out this poll so we know where everyone will be or if you have even been contacted. We have heard from many that if chosen to work in Flint, they are concerned about not knowing their way around & their safety. We are planning a get together for those who will be working the polls in Genesee county, specifically in Flint, to help reassure those who will be working in this area. But we need to know who to contact. So please, take a minute to do this poll:

ALSO, if you are working the polls in any capacity, all day, in a place that is not your home precinct, you MUST vote absentee! I recommend turning in your ballot in person at your local clerk's office. You can download and print the ballot request form online or in person. I DO NOT recommend mailing your ballot. Especially with the short time period left. Here is some more information on absentee ballots.

*Who & What is on the ballot?
Do you know what is all on your ballot? You can find out exactly that here:
Once you know what is on your ballot, do a little research so you know who and what you will be choosing before the Primary. You are running out of time if you are still undecided on anything on the ballot.

Stand Up Michigan has helped make at least one of the decisions a little easier. If you haven't (and frankly even if you have) decided who you will vote for to go up against Whitmer for Governor, watch these interviews. There is one for each of the 5 republican Michigan gubernatorial candidates.

SHARE THIS INFORMATION! Help get these resources out there for anyone who may not know how to find who is on the ballot or to find what these people are about. Encourage those you know to do a little research before heading into the voter booth.

Taking back and securing the elections starts with the primary. Please be active and do your part. Do not wait for someone else to “fix this”.

Thank you to each of you that are doing your part to ensure our rights & freedoms are not pushed aside. 

Erika Glasco
Stand Up Michigan
Genesee County Chapter President