2022 GOALS for Jackson County SUM

We CARE about your concerns and needs.
We want to INFORM you of news and actions needed.
We want to ACTIVATE our people of Jackson County for Truth and Freedom.

Asking for the Lord's help and blessing, we must band together to:

  • RESTORE OUR LAND - realizing we have been complacent and allowed corruption to replace righteousness.  Elections and election integrity are imperative!
  • DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS - We must Speak up and Stand up! We must defend our Constitutions in our county, city, townships and state. And we must be bold in Truth in our schools, community and churches. 
  • PREPARE AND PROVIDE - Working together, we can help ourselves, and others!
  • PROMOTE ACTION - We all have varied abilities and time availability, but we must stretch ourselves to accomplish what we can.  There are endless opportunities to make a difference!
  • CELEBRATE WINS - Praise the Lord and share with others! We all need encouragement!
We need your help to accomplish these goals.  There is power in numbers!
We must seek out wisdom and truth AND share it with others.
We must listen to others in order to build relationships and create opportunities.