JOIN Michigan Election Protection Team

Over the last several months our team, MEPT has spent countless hours researching how the Democrats structurally changed the election system in 2020. In Michigan, our Secretary of State sent out over 7.6 million absentee ballot applications, broke state law by instructing local clerks to assume the signatures on the applications match, increased drop box locations from 700 to roughly 1,200, and encouraged local clerks to take money - 90% of which went to Democrat areas in Michigan - from Center for Tech and Civil Life, a private organization funded by Mark Zuckerberg.

After systematically changing how they run elections, the Democrats then locked Republicans out of the vote counting and monitoring process on Election Day. The city of Detroit had 5,486 election officials working during the 2020 election and only 170 were Republicans.

This is a major injustice we need to fix. That’s why we have teamed up with other conservative organizations across the state to form Michigan’s first ever Election Protection Team!


Our goal is to recruit and collect 5,000 applications by the beginning of May, and I hope you will join me in not only working the polls but also helping recruit others!

Having team members like you work the polls and counting the votes ensures that every LEGAL vote is counted, while also being an important check and balance to how the election is run. This is our opportunity to take back control of our elections, our state and our country.

The requirements for being an Election Inspector include participating in one 2.5 hour training session, and being willing to work all day on primary day, August 2, and Election Day, November 8. Training sessions will begin being offered in March.

To signup, please visit and let me know if you have any questions!

From Bill Richardson, JCRC:

Click on, and follow these simple four steps:
  1. Click the "Join the Team" button.
  2. Fill out the form on the webpage and click "submit"
  3. Print the application.
  4. Fill it out by hand.
  5. Snap a close-up photo of it, and
  6. Email the image of the completed form to Matthew at or text it to him at (859) 468-0221. You may also snail mail to: Matthew Seifried, Michigan Election Integrity Director, 520 Seymour Ave.,Lansing, MI 48933.
Better yet, talk to your Township or City Clerk about working the election for your precinct. This job pays and they pay to train you.