Meet on July 21st at 6 pm-- Don't miss this chance!!

 We, along with the Lenawee County Precinct Delegates, are hosting a public forum for the primary races for Lenawee County Commissioner seats.  We have several primary races. District 4 has a primary between Beth Blanco and Dawn Bales. District 6 has a primary between Isaac Bowers and Terry Collins. District 8 has a primary between James Hart, Kevon Martis, and Jim Goetz. District 9 has a primary between Kim Goldmann, Jim VanDoren, and Chris Wittenbach.  Each one of these candidates has been invited to participate in a public forum on July 21st, at 6 pm.  We will be holding this event at the William J. Ross Education Service Center, 4107 N. Adrian Hwy., Adrian, MI. 49221. Please make plans to attend. 
   After watching our county being run (by the current commissioners), it is time for us to put in people who represent us better.  It is so imperative that you are informed and able to choose wisely, the people you want representing you on this board. Given the fact that they make a large number of financial decisions for our county, decisions for the county buildings, and sit on committees that affect day to day function of our county, we need to be well informed about who we are voting for.  Please attend this meeting to learn about these candidates and who you will vote for. Please be an informed voter!
In Christ,