Sign our Online Petition for Patients' Rights in Hospitals

 An illness requiring hospital care can touch anyone.

Hospitals across our nation stripped Patients of their Right to Consent to treatment and other Rights in the name of COVID.  We have initiated an online petition for a comprehensive Michigan Patients' Rights bill that will address these egregious rights violations.

When you click on this link below, emails will be sent to our Michigan lawmakers on Health Care committees who are currently formulating a Patient Advocate bill that doesn't go far enough for patients’ rights.
Why is this important? And why should you share this online petition far and wide?

Currently, patients in all US hospitals including in MI are only administered ONE protocol via NIH/CDC guidelines and are refused any other treatments. 
In many cases, patients are forced to take medications and devices against their will, after having refused in writing and verbally. 
In the last two years, doctors all across America have been punished and fired from hospitals for attempting to provide alternate treatments to patients. 
Patients are routinely sedated and restrained against their will and without prior knowledge and consent. 
Patients are held in hospitals against their will. Many are refused a transfer to any other hospital and are refused release (to hospice, for example), even when families have power of attorney and conservatorships. 
Patients are not allowed to have a personal advocate; or a patient advocate is assigned by the hospital. This advocate works FOR THE HOSPITAL, not for the patient. 
Patients opting not to receive the covid shot have been discriminated against being refused life-sustaining organ transplants due to vaccination status.  
We the undersigned citizens of Michigan propose the following rights to be made state law:
Hospital treatment protocols. Patients and their families would have a right to refuse a particular course of treatment (medications/devices) and choose another. Hospitalists who do not agree with the patient's choice can decline their assistance and another doctor can step in. Hospitalists who choose to agree with the patient's choices cannot be punished by the hospital or by overreaching regulatory agencies. 
Emergency Use Authorized treatments. Patients would have a right to choose treatments from among ALL available treatments, not just treatments forced on them via NIH/CDC guidelines. 
Freedom from restraint and sedation. Patients and their advocates would have the ability to refuse restraints and sedation and would not be forced to accept them against their will. 
 Transfer or release from care. Patients would be allowed to transfer to a different hospital or leave the hospital via hospice or "against medical advice." 
24/7 advocate support. Patients would have the ability to choose an advocate to be by their side 24/7 in any area of the hospital, and this advocate would speak for the patient if he or she becomes incapacitated
Rooming with family. Patients with a family member in the hospital would be able to room with that family member. 
Organ transplant rights protection. Patients who choose not to get the covid shot or any other vaccine would not be discriminated against by removing him or her from transplant wait lists.
Please click on the link below to sign this petition online, and send this information to our legislators.  This must be made law in Michigan. Thanks for your support!
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