Dena's True Story

My husband Dennis became sick with COVID on 12/21/21, went to St. Joe’s emergency in Howell on 12/26/21, and was admitted to the hospital on 12/27/21. 

We had serious fears of Remdesivir, their standard covid protocol, knowing Remdesivir increases fatality by causing kidney failure in 53% of cases.   

We both expressed our concerns separately during his time in the emergency room, since I was not allowed to be with Dennis in the ER due to COVID rules. Despite our concerns, the ER nurse explained that Remdesivir was already ordered for Dennis as treatment when he was to be transferred from the ER and admitted to the Covid floor. 
I asked for monoclonal antibodies and Ivermectin instead of Remdesivir and was told they were not options for him, as well as any other treatments that are available but banned from being used. We had NO say in his treatment.
Once admitted, Dennis was put into 21-day isolation.  
So, I was only able to video call him, except when they threatened to ventilate him on two occasions, I was allowed to see him. 
The information I received on Dennis' condition was an occasional phone call from a doctor.  I had to place a request daily for a nurse to call me with an update. While Dennis was forced to undergo the 5 day regimen of Remdesivir, I continued to share my concern about kidney failure and doctors reassured me that they keep close eye on labs and any problems with kidneys could be easily reversed.  
Meanwhile, he had little to no nutrition nor hygienic care.
On 1/8/22, he was put on medication that is used for ventilated patients even though he was not yet ventilated.  
Five days later on 1/13, he had a major GI bleed, and an endoscopy was needed to repair the bleeding ulcer at the bottom of stomach. To do that procedure they said that they needed to ventilate him. At this point he was put on paralytic / sedation medications.
A GI doctor put in for transfer from Howell St Joseph to Ann Arbor St Joseph on 1/13 because his kidneys and liver were not doing well after the forced treatment of Remdesivir, and he explained the need for dialysis due to acute kidney failure. He was then transferred.
At the end of 21 days of isolation on 1/17, they threatened to extend his isolation period to 30 days. I asked for a covid test, but was refused.  They said it wouldn't matter.
My sons and I met with the doctors and nurses involved in his care on 1/18. 
I AGAIN asked about Ivermectin use and expressed concern about Remdesivir. It fell on deaf ears. They only gave us the choice of palliative care or dialysis. We chose dialysis.
Dennis at this point had 3 organ systems failing: lungs, GI, and kidneys.  He also had 11 liters of fluid on him— all after treatment with Remdesivir.  

Continuous dialysis started and as fluid started coming off his lungs first his oxygenation was improving. The heavy paralytic medication and fentanyl was stopped on 1/20/22.  
Dennis never woke up even after scans for brain activity were ok.   
He passed away on 1/29/22. He was only 55 years old.
I COULD NOT BE THERE and was given NO say in his treatment. He was also stripped of any rights to choose his own treatment options. Neither he nor I wanted the treatment of Remdesivir that was forced on him due to government NIH and CDC decree. We knew it debilitated the kidneys and that is what happened to him. He struggled for his life while being isolated from his loved ones and had no one to advocate for him.