Did your Vote count in 2020? AuditYourVote.com Tells You Instantly!

The website AuditYourVote.com launched only 10 days ago and has already found almost 3000 Trump votes that were lost in the Nov. 2020 election.

The home page asks the same question we have been asking voters, "Did your vote count in 2020?" 

And all you need to do is enter your first and last name, zip, and year of birth, and the website will immediately tell you your method of voting in 2020, In-person (I), Absentee (A), or Not at all (N).  

Check Now: Audit Your Vote

A lost vote is when you voted, either In-Person or Absentee, but the Voter History File that is queried by this website shows N, did Not vote.

The website has a "contact" tab to report a discrepancy in your voting record for 2020. This is valuable data.  And so easy to use!  You find out whether your vote was lost in a matter of seconds.  And on the website, you are able to immediately report a discrepancy.  If you discover a discrepancy, contact Janine, too and she can provide you with an affidavit form,

Give it a try! Spread the word!