Precinct Delegate Resources - Submit your paperwork by July 29

It is not too late to submit your paperwork to become a Precinct Delegate (PD).  You may apply to be a write-in candidate with a "Precinct Delegate Write-In Declaration of Intent" form, click on PDF below.  

You'll need to fill out this form and submit it to the county clerks office - turn it in by July 29th. It must be notarized and turned into the County Clerk's office at 200 E. Grand River, Howell 48843.
PD Write In Affidavit.pdf 745 KB
There are more than 100 open Precinct Delegate slots in our County.  If you live in a precinct with an open slot, you need only vote for yourself to become a PD.  To see if you live in an precinct with an open slot, go to: 

Here are some resources that will educate you on the important role of Precinct Delegate:

*At this link there is a lot of pertinent info:

* Here is a series of training videos made by MI Precinct First:


PART 1 - The "Precinct Strategy"

PART 2 - The Republican Party

PART 3 - Active & Effective

PART 4 - Navigate the Website

Meetings at county and state conventions are conducted using Robert's Rules of order. 
Summary and Simplified Robert's Rules of Order | University of New Hampshire (

* In this video, Adam DiAngeli of Rescue Michigan talks through "everything you need to know" about being a Precinct Delegate. Go to: 

Here is more information from the State Elections Bureau about Precinct Delegates;

Note that this August's County Convention is on 8/11 at Crystal Gardens and the State Convention is on 8/27 in Lansing.