Precinct Delegate Resources

Here are some resources that will educate you on the important role of Precinct Delegate:

*At this link there is a lot of pertinent info:

* Here is a series of training videos made by MI Precinct First:


PART 1 - The "Precinct Strategy"

PART 2 - The Republican Party

PART 3 - Active & Effective

PART 4 - Navigate the Website

Meetings at county and state conventions are conducted using Robert's Rules of order. 
Summary and Simplified Robert's Rules of Order | University of New Hampshire (

* In this video, Adam DiAngeli of Rescue Michigan talks through "everything you need to know" about being a Precinct Delegate. Go to: 

Here is more information from the State Elections Bureau about Precinct Delegates;

Note that this August's County Convention is on 8/11 at Crystal Gardens and the State Convention is on 8/27 in Lansing.