November election Ballot Proposals

The following three ballot proposals could possibly be on the ballot in the November General Election.  Proposal 1 changes term limits; Proposals 2 alters voting laws, and Proposal 3 makes abortion and other reproductive medical interventions like sterilization and sex change a state right.  All are proposed amendments to the Michigan Constitution.

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Here are the three possible proposals for the November, all amendments to the MI Constitution:

Prop 1. "Voters for Transparency and Term Limits": would “amend the State Constitution to reduce the maximum length a lawmaker can serve in the Legislature from 14 years to 12 years, but would allow them to serve the full tenure (of 12 years) in one chamber.” This proposal affords transparency but effectively INCREASES term limits (contrary to the deceptive claim of reducing it). HOW?
*The Michigan Constitution currently allows citizens to serve three two-year terms in the House (6 years total) and two four-year terms in the Senate (8 years total). 14 years total – but, because the Senate has only 38 seats and the House has 110, most House representatives never make it to the Senate.
*Thus, the ballot proposal actually doubles a State Rep’s ability to serve; current law allows a person to serve a total of 6 years in the House, but the proposal wording allows the State Rep to serve 12 yrs.
*It increases a Senator’s possible time to serve from two terms (8 yrs) to three terms (12 years).
*It would also require state lawmakers, the governor, the secretary of state and the state attorney general to disclose certain financial information, including: description of assets, sources of all forms of income, description of liabilities, positions held outside their elected office, arrangements regarding future employment, continuing benefits from former employers other than the state, and payments and gifts received from lobbyists. All this transparency could be accomplished without altering term limits.
Prop 2. "Promote the Vote" - Election Reform to MI Constitution proposals includes:
  • Allow nine days of early voting
  • Publicly subsidized absentee ballots and a tracking system for the ballot location 
  • Continue to allow voters to sign an affidavit attesting to their identity rather than being required to present a state ID 
  • Allow public sources and charities to fund local elections (Zuckerbucks)
  • Allow voters to register for absentee ballots for all future elections
  • Require ballot drop boxes for every 15,000 voters in a municipality
     *  Establish post-election audits can ONLY be conducted by state/local officials
Prop 3. “Reproductive Freedom for All” - This vaguely worded proposal would amend the MI Constitution.

* “EVERY INDIVIDUAL has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom…” This could allow minor children to obtain contraception, sterilization, & abortion without parental knowledge or consent, since the proposal mentions nothing about age.

* “…notwithstanding, the state may regulate the provision of abortion care ‘AFTER FETAL VIABILITY.’” This would make abortion a state right, repealing a MI law that makes abortion a felony. It would also provide NO LIMITS as to when abortions can be performed.

* “…is medically indicated to protect the life or physical or MENTAL HEALTH of the pregnant individual.” This could possibly include abortion up to birth, including partial-birth or the possible termination of a baby that survives abortion since decisions about the pregnancy are based subjectively on the mental health of the pregnant individual.

* “…NOR SHALL THE STATE PENALIZE, PROSECUTE, or otherwise TAKE ADVERSE ACTIONS AGAINST someone aiding or assisting…” There could possibly be no legal recourse available in the event of a botched procedure, even if it causes injury or death of the mother.

* “An individual’s right to reproductive freedom shall not be denied, BURDENED or infringed upon…” Burdened means to cause hardship (including financial) or distress. This opens the door for state taxpayer funds to be used to help pay for abortions or any other matter relating to pregnancy. The proposed amendment does not define a limit to the duration or cost of such funding. 

“HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL” is not defined in the proposal. Michigan licensing regulates 26 different health professions, including massage therapists. Will school nurses be making recommendations or decisions for minor students in our school systems?