Full Report: SUM-Livingston Canvass Efforts

In late October 2021, a number of citizens in our SUM Livingston chapter formed a team to partner with Election Integrity Force to participate in a state-wide canvass of the Nov 2020 election. Election Integrity Force (EIF) is also a non-profit, non-partisan 501-C4 organization, and they recruited a number of citizens in counties all over the state that were tasked with canvassing their county.  https://electionintegrityforce.com/blogs/news
Over the winter, our Livingston team canvassed registration addresses in residential, non-residential, nursing homes, and  apartments in many areas across the county.  When it became extremely cold in February, we did "digital canvassing," looking up deceased voters in registrants ages 90 and above and researched registrants who potentially had duplicate registrations.  Between mid-March and early May, our team met with or contacted clerks in all Livingston jurisdictions to share our digital canvassing results and the result of our physical canvassing. We found most of our local clerks very open and responsive to our information.
 If you would like a copy of this report, please contact Janine at SUMlivingstonco@gmail.com.