The Urgent Threat to our National Sovereignty

The Biden administration is working to give the WHO and its Director-General more power over sovereign nations, including the United States. U.S. government officials are actively negotiating amendments to existing International Health Regulations and a new treaty governing future pandemics. These accords would effectively hand Dr. Tedros the authority unilaterally to dictate what constitutes an actual or potential Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and to order how affected nations must respond.

Despite a Bill sponsored by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) that would've designated any decision from a World Health Organization (WHO) body related to pandemic preparedness and response as a "treaty" to be subject to Senate ratification, the U.S. Senate recently voted the Bill down, so that they will NOT require their consent to these agreements. The Senate vote was along party lines 47 R -49 D, with 60 votes needed for passage, see (  .Thus, the U.S. Senate has ceded their constitutional role in international treaty-making.  See also BREAKING: Democrats Defeat Amendment to Require Senate Ratification for Any Pandemic Agreement with the WHO, Senators on Tuesday (March 28) rejected ( .   

Interested in stopping the WHO's power grab? Please take a moment to visit and start participating in the twice daily meetings dedicated to spreading awareness.

In the hands of the CCP and its friends at the WHO, that authority would allow enemies of this country, foreign and domestic, to deprive Americans of their constitutional rights and other statutory protections. The WHO’s Director-General may deem, for example, gun violence, climate change, problems afflicting plants or animals and so-called “disinformation” to be causing so-called public health emergencies.  Such a surrender of national sovereignty over public health would be bad enough. In practice, however, it will also translate into a loss of personal sovereignty, as well... ( from )


The following 30-minute video of Focus on the Family's interview with Michelle Bachmann further explains this situation and why it is a real threat.  Feel free to share this info widely and consider informing people in your network.  This is One World Government at our doorstep.  We've been fighting this since the early 20th century with the League of Nations and other global initiatives.  It's time again to put a full court press on the situation. It's advisable to contact Senators and Reps regarding this on a mass scale, via email, twitter, etc. (Peters, Stabenow, Slotkin).

This issue will be discussed by the WHO and the member nations in late May 2023.  Then the vote will be taken in May of 2024, however, the nations are subject to a rule that a nation would have to give a year's notice to opt out of the WHO.  This is why this issue is so urgent. Share, share, and act!

Romans 12:21.