What is a Precinct Delegate?

A Precinct Delegate (PD) represents the republican or democrat voter population for each
county. Ninety-nine percent of the general population has never heard of this position.
The least time-consuming and most powerful political act you can do is to become a Precinct
Delegate, unless you have a million dollars to contribute to your favorite candidate.
Precinct Delegates (PD) come from each county to the County and State conventions.
Each County is allocated “Slots” based upon the number of republicans who vote in presidential
election years.

To be eligible to be a PD you must:
1. Be registered to vote
2. Complete your Precinct Delegate Affidavit of Identity (By May 3, 2022) or Sooner
3. Get 1 or more votes in the August Primary!!
4. The average rate of empty slots right now per county is about 80%!

Doing the work of a PD
1. Attend your County Convention (CC). You will be automatically notified.
2. From those attending your CC a number will be chosen as Delegates and Alternates
to the State Convention and cast your vote for the positions mentioned above
3. There are on average one County Convention per calendar year
4. Attend a second (November) county convention to vote on county officers

Completing the PD Affidavit Process
1. Complete the Affidavit (make sure to sign your signature in front of the notary)
a. Fill in the Republican circle
b. Know your voting Precinct
2. Get it notarized at your bank, at an Event or at the Clerk’s Office
3. Mail or take it to your County Clerk by May 3rd or sooner. It MUST be received at the
County Clerk’s office by May 3rd . To assist your county recruitment efforts get it to the
clerk ASAP.