Call to Action RE: Valentines Day County Prosecutor filings

We have partnered with Dr. David Martin and the Constitutional Law Group to bring criminal charges against those individuals, agencies, and corporations that have committed crimes against humanity, using Covid as their excuse.

Dr. Martin helped to draft the Fauci COVID-19 Dossier, that contains all the evidence of the crimes committed by Dr. Fauci, in collaboration with the other Accused, going back nearly 30 years. This Dossier, along with formal criminal complaint charges, was recently filed with the U.S. Attorney General and all 50 states Attorneys General. We will also be providing evidence of the crimes committed in every city, county, and state in America, to each county prosecutor in all 3,133 counties in the U.S. as a coordinated citizen's Call to Action on Monday, February 14, at 3:00 PM ET (10:00 AM Hawaii, 12:00 PM Pacific, 1:00 Mountain, 2:00 PM Central).

This coordinated effort serves multiple purposes:

1. To unite We the People in love and unity around the courthouses that we must reclaim from the grip of judicial corruption.

2. By providing evidence of crimes committed in each county to the county prosecutors, we obligate them to initiate a criminal investigation against The Accused (Drs. Fauci, Baric, and Daszek, Mr. Alex Azar, FDA, CDC, NIAID, Pfizer, and Moderna, to name a few). Anyone who desires to file a formal criminal complaint against the accused, can do so by following the directions online, then filing with the county clerk (see button below for details).

3. This effort allows We the People to finally hold those who have committed crimes against humanity accountable for their actions. This approach allows us to ensure we get an investigation by holding our elected officials accountable through their bonds. We will be watching to see if the county prosecutors and sheriffs do their jobs. If they do, we will see The Accused brought to justice. If they don't, we will go after their bonds!

This approach has already been very effective, and we are seeing wins all across America, from entire school boards walking out when their bonds are called, to county sheriffs, chiefs of police, and county prosecutors resigning, to parents being awarded huge sums of money for the dereliction of duty of their elected school officials.

The sheriff in Sonoma County, CA initiated the first of the county criminal investigations this past week!  We are going to watch the tide turn with this lawful approach to remedy and accountability!

We are asking everyone who is able, to please go to the website on the button below, watch the short video, then follow the steps to complete your own complaint form. Then go to your county courthouse with your friends, patriot groups, Bible study groups, etc. on Monday, February 14 at the correlating time with 3:00 PM ET, and turn in your evidence!
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These are most exciting times we are living in today! We the People are rising up and our voices are being heard. From the Convoys, parents filing against bonds, and the children unmasking and protesting in schools across America, our positive force in undeniable. This Nation Wide Call to Action is our first and we have organized it in a very short amount of time yet expect it to be a huge success. We are so thankful to each and every one of you who are participating in this historical event on Monday, Valentine's Day, 2022 at 3pm EST.

  • Please call ahead and find out the hours and location for your county prosecutor's office.
  • If rain is in the forecast, please bring an umbrella. There may be a long line up and we want to keep the document and ourselves dry!
  • If the office is closed or you need to leave, please find a POC (point of contact) or someone else that is staying and give your document to them so they can deliver it to the county prosecutor's office.
  • Please take photos of the crowd and share on social media. If you are making a video, please let us know which county and state you are broadcasting from.
  • If you bring flyers or posters please be sure to take them home with you. We want to keep the courthouse clean and show the rest of the world that we come in peace and light.
  • Our number one goal is to unite We the People while flexing our Constitutionally protected rights by delivering this evidence of crimes against humanity.
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You may choose to file anonymously or file a formal criminal complaint.

This step by step information may also be found at 

Time Zones:

  • 10am Hawaii Standard Time
  • 12pm Pacific Standard Time
  • 1pm Mountain Standard Time
  • 2pm Central Standard Time
  • 3pm Eastern Standard Time
Attached is the Anonymous Criminal Complaint Form and the Formal Criminal Complaint Form with Notary Page. We have also attached a new flyer to mass distribute over the weekend at your local events and across social media.

God Bless,

Constitutional Law Group & We the People