Same FBI Agent Who Suppressed “Laptop From Hell” Assigned to Bury Hunter’s Business Partner’s Damning Testimony Against The Biden’s

Recently retired FBI agent Timothy Thilbault appears to be at the center of another scandal. He was accused of thwarting efforts to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop. And now it has also come to light that he was the agent assigned to manage whistleblower Tony Bobulinski testimony. Due to the damaging nature of the claims, Thibault kept Hunter Biden’s former business partner Bobulinski’s allegations quiet.

During a press conference on Oct 22, 202, Bobulinski said Joe Biden was known as “The Big Guy” and would receive a payout from Hunter’s dealings in China. Joe was due to get a 10% cut from a well-paying joint venture with CEFC, a Chinese energy firm.

On the next day, Oct 23, Bobulinski was quietly interviewed for more than five hours by the FBI regarding his knowledge of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealing with China. During the interview, Bobulinski said using the Biden name helped expand business into other countries. Bobulinski also shared that Hunter had ties to Mykola Zlochevsky and his corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma along with Louis Freeh, retired FBI director, who tried to help a Burisma partner escape corruption charges in Romania. After the interview, Bobulinski and his lawyer were given Thibault’s cellphone number and told that he would be their FBI “point man,” according to the NY Post. Bobulinski did not hear back, nor was he brought before a Delaware grand jury investigating Hunter to testify.

Ohio Rep Jim Jordan represents the exasperation of many when asking where the collusion and corruption stops? Citing that, Thibault tried to shut down an avenue of the Hunter Biden investigation and hid intel damaging Hunter and Joe Biden.

The NY Post is pushing Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray to explain why the Hunter Biden investigation was thwarted and suppressed as Russian propaganda, while the Mar-A-Lago raid appears to be a political hit job by the Biden justice department.