WiFi Money working with conservative businesses to 'beat censorship' on social media platforms

EXCLUSIVE: Entrepreneurs and co-founders of WiFi Money Chris Frederick and Alex Moeller are working with conservative businesses to "beat censorship" on social media platforms, and to ensure they can amplify and monetize their products in an ever-evolving digital world.

Frederick and Moeller co-founded WiFi Money at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, as traditional businesses began to close due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

"The reason we started WiFi Money was because we started to see a shift in what was happening—not only in the business world, but in the world in general," Moeller, the president of WiFi Money told FOX Business. "All of these people were struggling and out of jobs, and we thought, we need to find a way to really help people make money in the online world."

Frederick, the CEO of WiFi Money, and a professional soccer player, told FOX Business that they have worked with more than 8,700 businesses since the inception of WiFi Money in 2020.

Frederick explained that WiFi Money works with businesses to monetize at a "higher level by amplifying their services online."

"Through collaboration, through influence and public figures, we help them expose what they have offline to the online world," Frederick told FOX Business. "We help small businesses amplify their products and services to reach unlimited people—there is no ceiling."

WiFi Money typically works with businesses on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. However, Frederick said that some of those businesses have complained about Big Tech censorship.

"I am definitely against censorship. I do not agree with it. I don’t think it should be something that is allowed, and, essentially, what we do specifically with our businesses is two things: we remind the businesses that unless their business is in politics, they need to remember that their social media is 100% business, not personal," Moeller explained. "A lot of people, where they make mistakes, is they treat their business page as a personal page, and forget they are trying to build a business."

Moeller added, though, that these businesses "feel they are being censored." 

Frederick told FOX Business that the majority of businesses they work with are conservative businesses "seeking our help."

"We consider ourselves a conservative company," Frederick said. "I don’t agree with Big Tech censorship and I think they have lost their markets. Social media is trying to control the reach of the people who made them who they are."

Frederick said that Big Tech companies "have lost the true mark—the people and the reach of the people that were able to boost them to begin with."

"And now they are trying to limit them," Frederick said.

As for censorship, Frederick told Fox Business that "when you create interaction, it helps boost the algorithm."

"We have come up with ways to beat censorship and allow conservative businesses to be able to excel at a higher rate than they are now," Frederick said.

"Over the years, these platforms have made it harder and harder for average individuals to have any reach on the platform, unless you pay them money," Moeller explained. "We teach these businesses and individuals how to organically make money from heir social media.

Moeller added: "Communication is the most powerful tool."

"I tell people that if you can build a successful relationship, then you can build a very successful business," Frederick said. "Essentially, they are the same thing."

One business that has used WiFi Money to grow online is "The Cake Girl"—a custom bakery located in Tampa, Florida.

Kristina Lavallee opened her first brick and mortar location in June 2019, but when the COVID-19 pandemic began, "The Cake Girl" began shipping products nationwide.

"Chris and Alex, with their social media expertise, were able to continue to help our brand shine and elevate our presence all over the USA," Lavallee told Fox Business.

"The Cake Girl" has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, and is continuing to grow its online presence.

"Our brand continues to explode and grow online," Lavallee said, adding that WiFi Money is "a big part of our recipe for success."

Meanwhile, Moeller said WiFi Money helps businesses to understand what their goals are, and designs plans to execute those goals in an online space.

"We’ve learned that one person can’t talk to 1 million people," Frederick told FOX Business. "But one post can reach 1 million people."

"We are remaining true to what we teach, which is being present in the online space," Moeller said. "We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next year, or two years, or four years in this country, and we have just realized that the best way to do business is to do it online."

He added: "We have learned that doing business online is really the most effective way of making money right now."